Private Invitation

Private Invitation from Vince Stanzione



That’s the general reaction from the few privately invited guests who attended the Crypto Workshop a few days ago in London…

In fact, those who attended are already beginning to profit from what I showed them.

Individuals like Ryan who had MADE £5,600.00 PROFIT EVEN BEFORE THE WEEKEND HAD FINISHED

And right now, if you had attended you would already be putting everything in place to do just that. To go from where you are now to making a life-changing income from crypto currencies. 

Which is why it was such a shame you missed this!  Especially as I am NOT going to be sharing this again ANYWHERE!

NOT at any workshop, I’m NEVER taking on any MORE students … NEVER writing about this … it was a ONE OFF! 

However, If You’re Quick, Today You Can Not Only:-



In fact, I am so confident this will work for you to, you can have a FULL 12 MONTHS to do so.

But I do have to make it clear … and I’m sorry about this … but this is your


So let me quickly run through everything I covered and refresh your memory and then I’ll show you how to get the code so you can have full private access to the entire live workshop ondemand.

Private Invitation to join Vince Stanzione in London


I’ll be extremely quick because frankly this is simply the single biggest opportunity I have seen in my lifetime and very much doubt will ever come around again.

In fact:-

In the last 12 months trading Crypto -Currencies from my mobile phone I’ve made over:-


It’s taken me JUST 15 MINUTES A DAY to do this just 2 or 3 times a week…

In the next 12 months I conservatively expect to make an EXTRA US$5 MILLION DOLLARS from Crypto-Currencies

Which brings me to the live event you have just missed.  For the FIRST TIME, a few days ago I showed a very small number of ordinary individuals who had NEVER done anything like this before…

And personally taught each one of them how to make life-changing profits like this from Cryptocurrencies…

As you know, though you missed this one-off behind-closed doors event, if you get back to me tonight I’ll give you private access to the live recording of the entire event which you can watch online.

In addition, to get you off to a very FAST START I’ll not just show you my EXACT current Crypto trades but:-


So who am I and why listen to me?

Well if you haven’t heard of me before, let me introduce myself. My name is Vince Stanzione, I’ve made a Multi-Million Pound Fortune from trading at home which has enabled me to lead a jet-set lifestyle and put me in the world’s RICHEST TOP 1%.

In fact, I perfected a system and:-


I’m a NY Times best-selling Author … have appeared on many TV & Radio shows because of the accuracy of my ‘calls’ and been featured in many National and International Newspapers and Magazines – everywhere from The Guardian to Investors Chronicle.

Yet despite all this success and the incredible lifestyle it has given me (which I’ll tell you about shortly), I doubt there will ever be anything in our lifetimes that will match the money that is being – and about to be made – by trading Crypto-Currencies

Now please DON’T WORRY if you don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies or if you’ve never traded before, I’ll be coming to that. As well as why I truly believe when you’re shown how to do this and you stick with what I show you then its not a case of WILL you make money, but HOW much you’ll make .

But for now, just to give you an idea how big of an opportunity you and I have here, think on this a second:-

In May 2010, Bitcoin was launched (this is just ONE of the cryptocurrencies I’ll talk to you about). At the time 10,000 bitcoins were worth £25.

Now here’s the interesting thing. If you’d bought them then:-

Do you know how much your £25 worth of Bitcoins would be worth now?

Well let me tell you. And I do hope you’re sitting down, because amazingly if you had bought a £25 stake in these Bitcoins just 84 months ago…

You Would Now Be Holding A Stake worth a Truly Life Changing:


I am serious … your stake, at the current exchange rates, would now be worth around £30 Million Pounds. Sounds outrageous I know but it happens to be true.

It’s astonishing and should give you an insight into why I have already made over US$1 Million in the last 12 months even though I was only spending a few minutes trading them every now and then. And why I also fully expect to make an extra $5 MILLION over the next 12 months trading them.

In fact, the growth with cryptocurrencies has been staggering – as I say truly life-changing…

For example, here’s what just 8 Cryptocurrencies (and there are over 850 of them at the moment) have been doing over the last few months:-

In other words, if you had put just a modest £100 in each of these ‘coins’ in the last few months and simply did nothing else and just FORGOT ABOUT THEM

…literally weeks later your investment would have grown to £17,464.

A stake of £500 in each would have now already grown to £87,320.

Whilst a stake of £1,000 in each of those above would:-

In a few weeks, have already seen you up to the tune of… 


To be clear, that’s if a few weeks ago you’d simply invested in them, did NOTHING, went on holiday and completely FORGOT about them!

Great returns but of course, if you learn to ‘trade’ them as I do … learn to profit from them as I do whether they go up or down … then even these amounts can be escalated SO much higher by compounding your profits as you go along.

Bottomline, this is NO fad … it’s not going to go away … and the growth is far from over…

It’s why so many well-respected Investors, Entrepreneurs and Leaders are beginning to say some very exciting things about the crypto market …

I point all this out now to you because I believe it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you realise what is happening and QUICKLY!

Otherwise you will lose the greatest single opportunity in living memory as the truly biggest moves have only just begun…

Incidentally, I am only pointing out Bitcoin here as it’s the most well known of the Cryptocurrencies and one you may have heard of, but its by no means the only one.

As you’ll discover some of my biggest profits have come from other Cryptocurrencies.

Now I don’t normally put much faith into these kind of predications, but I have to say, it is looking that way. I may have made a Million Dollars in the last 12 months as I have said already…

…and genuinely expect another $5 Million over the next few months

But honestly, we haven’t even scratched the surface with this …

Indeed, there have been predictions that just Bitcoins alone could hit anything as high as $100,000 to $1,000,000 PER COIN in the coming years.

Of course, there is no telling where exactly it will end up – how high it will go or how low it will fall – but you need to really act now and know how to profitably trade and take up positions with these and some of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies available. And you need to know about the new ones which are likely to be the next big movers.

Fact is, the whole financial system and world currencies are rapidly changing. How many times do you even write a cheque anymore for instance?

Cash is fast becoming obsolete, as we use contactless cards more and more. But even carrying plastic cards will soon become a thing of the past. Already we are increasingly using our mobiles to pay for goods and services and to move money around.

The way money is transferred and stored is changing and its pointless ignoring it.

It’s happening so you either get involved and profit from it or you will absolutely get left behind…

Which is why today, I am genuinely sending you a heartfelt message and holding out my hand to you personally because what you are about to read, and the decision you are about to make, could honestly be the most important of your life.

And I don’t say that lightly. You know, I often trade from stunningly beautiful Portals Nous where I own a villa.

In the morning I tend to go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of Portals Nous beach before walking along its golden sands in complete peace.

NO stress … NO anxiety … NO worries whatsoever.

As for breakfast, I generally sit down in one of the café’s by the marina with a perfectly made coffee and fresh fruit smoothie by my side.

It’s such a great start to the day.  Just sitting there, enjoying a relaxed breakfast as I watch the luxury yachts bobbing up and down. In fact, it makes me I realise not just how different my own life is now to where I was when I started, but how different anyone’s life could be with the right information. 

This really could be your life too, if you want it…

Which is why I hope I can do this opportunity justice and in this letter help you to understand just how important the next few minutes are going to be to you, your family and those you love.

I’ll be quite blunt, and I make no apologies for this, but I am about to make you a ONE-TIME offer.

Now I rarely spend much time in the UK any more. In fact, I banked that $1 MILLION PLUS trading crypto-currencies in my spare time and really just for a bit of fun while travelling the world.

During that time I have been to New York, Las Vegas, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Majorca, Monaco and Switzerland to name a few. I’ve flown first class or by private jet and literally been making more money often in a day then I used to earn in a year.

Which is why I was so excited to fly into London a few days ago and for the first time teach a private invitation-only audience exactly how anyone could create this kind of lifestyle too.

But before I tell you WHY you should listen to me … WHY you should avoid many of the so called ‘experts’ … WHY I was even willing to teach my method … and WHAT Cryptocurrencies really are…

Let me first get a few things clear straight from the off…

The most important thing I want you to know is that YES, you absolutely CAN do this.

I want to emphasise this as I don’t want you to think I am making these extraordinary cryptocurrency profits because I am something special. I’m not.

For a start, I am most certainly NOT some financial whiz kid … NOT some city high flier … NOT even someone born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

I’m just a regular guy from the UK, 48-years old, of average intelligence who NEVER even went to college, let alone university.

In fact, I left school at the age of just 16 with few formal qualifications to work as a junior at Nat West … and if I recall, earned just £100 a week for a 12 hour working day.

I built everything I have virtually from nothing and I am sure you are in a better position than I was when I started. I just happen to follow a plan which works and which, as you’ll see in second, works perfectly for the cryptocurrency market.

So just relax because:-

You do NOT need any experience to be one of the individuals I am taking under my wing. It really doesn’t matter if you have NEVER traded a single thing before in your life or know the first thing about trading. In fact, it DOESN’T even matter if you’ve NEVER even heard of Crypto-Currencies come to that…

In the past for example, I have taken people without any previous financial trading experience, who didn’t even know what financial trading was, shown my trading secrets to them … and those same people are now living dream lifestyles as “moneyed-up” financial traders. It is no different with cryptocurrency trading.

Neither does it matter how old or young you are … virtually anyone can make serious money with this because this is one form of trading even an absolute beginner can profit from home. 

Actually, its so simple you will learn everything you need to know to make a great living from this:-


You DON’T need an office or any special equipment. My “office” for example is literally wherever I am with either my Laptop, iPad or Mobile and an internet connection. That’s all you’ll need too.
You DON’T need a lot of time – remember it takes just 15 MINUTES A DAY to log onto the Internet and press a few buttons on your laptop or mobile phone. And those 15 minutes can be at ANY time, day or night. Whenever suits you best…
You DON’T need a large starting bank because this is so fast moving, if you copy my plan there’s nothing stopping you from turning even modest stakes into high returns…
You DON’T need to spend hours staring at a screen … you DON’T have to study charts … you DON’T have to analyse anything …
You DON’T need to know anything techie at all. Bottomline is, if you can send an email then you have ALL the skills you need…
In fact, its just about the perfect one person global business since there’s NO Products … NO Selling … NO Customers to deal with … NO Staff … NO calls to make … … NO Big overheads…


Bottomline, YES you CAN do this!

OK, so why should you listen to me?

Well as I briefly pointed out, I am a Self-Made Multi-Millionaire trader, investor and entrepreneur who has been featured in over 200 newspapers and media sources worldwide including the Guardian, CNBC,, Independent, Daily Express, Investors Chronicle, Shares, Times, Yahoo Finance and Marketwatch to name a few.

I am also the New York Times, Amazon Number One and USA Today Bestselling Author of the book Millionaire Dropout.

I have been trading and investing my own money for many years. In fact, as mentioned:-


And that includes profiting right through the DOT.COM crash and the more recent financial crisis. The reason is simple, the plan I follow is not just extremely straightforward and works year in year out, but the key is that it enables me to profit regardless of whether the market goes UP or DOWN.

I never spend more than 30 minutes a day trading … just 15 minutes with crypto-currencies … most of which I do from either my mobile phone or iPad nowadays either direct from my villa or from a nearby beach café overlooking the Mediterranean.

Indeed, what I do is so flexible that I can even trade from the middle of the Caribbean on a Yacht … sitting on a beach in the Maldives … in a luxury 5 Star hotel suite in Auckland, New Zealand ANYWHERE!

In fact, if I had been soaking up the sun on some exotic South Pacific Island for the last 12 months, as long as I had access to the Internet:-

I Would Have Still Banked Over A Million Dollars In Profit Using My Crypto-Currency Trading Plan!

But perhaps even better is that regardless of where I am my average “work week” is in fact less than 4 hours! Yet as I said at the start, despite the little I work in terms of time, MY INCOME PUTS ME IN THE WORLD’S RICHEST 1%.

Now, please DON’T think I am saying this from an ego point of view or that I’m trying to impress you, I’m not. The only reason I am mentioning it at all is that I just want you to realise I am credible, serious and honest.

I want you to know you are absolutely NOT dealing with some no hoper, chancer or failed trader. My point is that I have not just crawled from under a rock. I am not some “here today, gone tomorrow”, quick-buck merchant.

In addition, unlike others I do actually have the LIFESTYLE and PROOF to back up my claims…

After all, if you are going to be taught something you want to learn from someone who actually ‘talks the talk’.

Someone who is achieving the results and living the kind of lifestyle you aspire to.

For example, I actually do own homes in London and abroad and travel the world by either Private Jet or take a First Class seat on one of the major airlines. Everything paid for by my trading profits.

Now I won’t bother giving you a list of everything I have and have done but basically, as you can imagine, the wealth I have created through trading has enabled me to enjoy all the usual trappings of success such as the cars, designer clothes, expensive watches, exotic holidays, luxury homes, private medical care for myself and my family etc. I even pay minimal taxes (legally … which I also show you how to do).

But maybe best of all, beyond the expensive ‘toys’ and the money, the one thing it gives you which I consider priceless is:-


A level of freedom I’d love you to experience for yourself.

For instance, can you imagine how you’d feel if right now you could pick up your mobile phone or tablet and have a PRIVATE JET READY WITHIN A FEW HOURS, READY TO TAKE YOU WHEREVER YOU LIKE

…and where you’re even able bring your dog in the cabin with you if you have one (as I often do myself).

Well that is my ACTUAL life. It’s not some dream, not something only for celebrities or the famous…

The freedom to do what I want with my life. A life where I wake up in the morning free to do as I please.


I might TravelRelax by the PoolReadShopWalk with my dog along the Beach (well more like the dog walks me actually) … Play TennisPlay Golf … go to the Gym … take a leisurely Drive around the coast … go Sailing … or simply sit and have a coffee in one of the beautiful Beach Café’s I frequent and just watch the world go by…

I guess in short, anything I feel like, really.

That’s the kind of FREEDOM I enjoy and which I can show you a way to enjoy too. The kind of freedom to literally be able to do what YOU want when YOU want.

After all, why work all your life in a job you don’t even like particularly or isn’t getting you anywhere, when life could be SO much more for you?

Sound good ? Well then let’s start making it happen for you…

I’m already living the dream, but from here on in this is about how YOU can now do the same with nothing but a Laptop, Tablet or Mobile … a Wi-Fi connection … a moderate bank to start you off … and some crypto coins.

I’m talking about showing you a way to no longer spend the winters in a freezing cold country (unless you really want to) and instead basing yourself wherever YOU want to be in the world.

And now, Cryptocurrencies has literally opened up this world to the man in the street. As I said right at the start, it is the biggest single opportunity in living memory and I think the last genuine chance for the ‘little’ guy in the street to create genuine wealth.

So now let me very quickly tell you exactly what Cryptocurrencies are, how I have made an average of around US$20,000 A MONTH PROFIT since I started trading them just over a year ago and why I expect that to hit $400,000 A MONTH in the next 12 months . Now I know that sounds crazy, but when you read what I am about to show you, you’ll realise its far from crazy.

I’ll also explain why you should be careful who you listen to … why I was willing to fly back to the UK and teach this in the first place … and tell you how you can get private access to the crypto workshop which I recorded live for you a few days ago.

OK, so let’s get the ball rolling and start by answering the most obvious question you probably have:-

What exactly are Cryptocurrencies and why should you be very, very excited right now?

Well as you’ll see from the OnDemand Online live recording shortly everything about Cryptocurrencies are explained in very simple terms …  what they are … how they work … and I’ll tell you about something called BLOCKCHAIN which is essentially as important to cryptos as the internet is to email or google.

DON’T WORRY though , you NEVER have to know about any technical aspects of this (I certainly don’t). Besides, all you need to know – and really want to I guess – is how to make money by trading them.

I have made a Multi-Million Pound fortune remember but I know NOTHING about the technology behind the world’s financial markets. I have no technical knowledge. And of course, I have already made over a Million dollar profit this last year in Cryptocurrencies WITHOUT knowing any of the technicalities associated with these currencies, of Blockchain or how it really all works under the bonnet as it were.

You don’t have to … you can leave that to the nerds 😉

All you need to know for now is that Cryptocurrencies are basically a form of Digital Currency. Unlike physical hard cash – the cash in your bank, wallet and pocket – cryptocurrency only exist electronically.

As I said, I really won’t get into it too much in this letter because it’s explained very clearly and visually on the OnDemand Videos I’ll tell you about in a second. However, I will say a few things about its staggering potential and what we are seeing giving birth to here, because you may not realise just how huge this is likely to become or how important in your life it will develop in to.

In much the same way, the internet and mobile phones slowly came in to our lives almost without us noticing, but now its difficult to imagine life without them. This is no different – terms such as CRYPTOCURRENCIES and BLOCKCHAIN are going to become as familiar to you as say eMail, Instagram, the Internet, Google, Facebook, YouTube etc.

So let’s have a quick look and then I’ll show you how to access the live crypto workshop recording online…

Right, very briefly then. Most likely you’ll have heard of Bitcoin as it’s the most well established and was really the first cryptocurrency (digital currency). Once again though, PLEASE DON’T WORRY IF YOU HAVEN’T EVEN HEARD OF BITCOIN, its not important for now.

However, I will give you a little background about it and what’s happening because it will not just interest you it will help you to understand why you need to start taking your positions now. So here’s the briefest of histories: –

The first reported bitcoin transaction was for two pizzas in May 22nd 2010.

That’s when a guy purchased two Papa John’s Pizzas using 10,000 units of Bitcoin. This was worth around £25 at the time.

This was the first known cryptocurrency transaction remember of any kind.

Nothing particularly remarkable about that and if you had seen it in the news back then you wouldn’t have even given it a second thought. However, what is remarkable is that just 7 years later:-

That same £25 is now worth a life-changing 


The Luxury Apartment bought for $27…

Since then it seems we have been hearing a countless number of remarkable stories associated with Bitcoin. For example, back in 2009 a Norwegian named Kristoffer Koch decided to buy 5,000 Bitcoins for about 150 Norwegian Krone (about $27 USD).

In April of 2013 – just 4 years later:-

That Same Number of Bitcoins he Bought For JUST $27 Was Worth Around


Of course, he could have kept them and watched them grow further but in his particular case he sold most of them to pay for a Luxury Apartment in one of Oslo’s high-end and very prestigious neighbourhoods.

Not bad, a luxury apartment for an outlay of just $27.

However, maybe he should have hung on to them because those same coins he originally bought for $27 would now be worth about $4.2 MILLION.

However, Bitcoin is by no means the only Cryptocurrency…

There are already over 850 cybercurrencies and rising. And while the market for bitcoins alone is believed to already be worth nearly $40 BILLION, the rest of the available cryptocurrencies combined are actually worth even more.

Cryptocurrency is The World’sFastest-Growing Asset!

For example, let me tell you about another Crypto-Currency called Ethereum (ETH) and what’s been happening with it during 2017. The most important development this year with Ethereum is that it started the year at $8 per ‘coin’ but it is already now trading at $300.

In short, its gained 3,000% IN JUST 8 MONTHS!

In other words , if you had invested £1,000 in Ethereum just a few months ago, your stake would now be worth £30,000…

Even if you had just invested £200 into Ethereum just a few months ago, today:-


I honestly don’t know where you can make that sort of money (legally) anywhere in the world. Or at any other time in our history come to that.

On a personal note, and something I haven’t mentioned yet to you, is that I was recently staying in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas – Suite 29015 to be precise – when I traded Ethereum Cryptocurrency on my iPad and:-

I Made A Profit Of Over 


Again, sounds crazy, but its true. Not bad for about 15 minutes work while on holiday in Las Vegas I’m sure you’d agree. Wouldn’t you have liked to have known about Ethereum at the beginning of the year and to have been shown how to profit from it? Wouldn’t you like to know about the next ‘Bitcoins’ and ‘Ethereums’ about to hit the market?

Well not only can I help you on that score, but perhaps looking at the kind of returns I’ve made with just one digital currency, you are now beginning to see why I am supremely confident I’ll make a $5,000,000.00 profit over the next year…

…and why I believe you are about to have the life-changing opportunity literally of your lifetime dropped right into your lap.

But as I said, Bitcoin and Ethereum are by no means the only cryptos experiencing spectacular growth. Here’s 8 I pointed out earlier. All of which, with the right information and knowledge, you could have traded profitably yourself.

And incidentally there were many more. SO many I didn’t even bother looking at or including anything that has made less than 200% in 12 months .

Bottomline, make no mistake the world is changing very fast…

And if you don’t act now you’ll not only get left behind you will absolutely kick yourself for missing out and not taking action.

The world is heading towards a completely digital era where almost everything could be traded or communicated online. The biggest impact of this digitisation could be seen on today’s currency as the world is slowly but steadily embracing cryptocurrency.

Little wonder when you consider latest indications show that:-

Cryptocurrency Trade Value Is Now Exceeding 


And according to the latest report from Juniper Research, cryptocurrency is gaining such momentum that:-

Cryptocurrency Transactions This Year Are Expected to Smash through 


Fact is , as I pointed out earlier, the whole financial system and world currencies are rapidly changing. Cash is fast becoming obsolete and the way money is transferred and stored is changing with it. Its pointless ignoring it.

Look around you. Look what’s happening even outside the financial markets:-

Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns NO vehicles …

Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates NO content…

Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has NO inventory…

Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns NO real estate…

A few years ago none of this would have seemed possible, but now we just accept it all and make use of it. The next enormous jump I believe is towards Crypto-Currencies.

There are MASSIVE changes happening right now … but nearly the entire population of the planet is asleep …

And that’s certainly good news for us…

But that won’t last for long, which is why we have to really act now. With each passing day, just like the internet before it, cryptocurrencies are edging more and more into the mainstream.

Already for example, cryptocurrency ATM’s are beginning to make an appearance. And I’m sure it won’t be long before more and more retailers will be offering you the option of paying for your goods with a cryptocurrency.

Certainly, many banks are already looking into it as they realise it cannot be ignored any longer.

I think a lot of the world’s banks are getting worried because they can see a seismic shift away from traditional banking looming ever more large over the horizon.

Little wonder when you consider that Bitcoin has been the TOP-PERFORMING CURRENCY in the world in six of the past seven years . That’s remarkable, staggering. I never thought I’d see anything like that in my lifetime that’s for sure.

It’s the same pattern emerging quietly on other fronts to. Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum (and many others) have even been outperforming Bonds, Gold , Silver, Commodities, Oil – EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH!

Yep, make no mistake, there is a big shift taking place. So much so that, as I said, even major financial institutions and investors are beginning to sit up and take notice.

  • The People’s Bank of China has done trial runs of its prototype cryptocurrency, taking it a step closer to being the first major central bank to issue digital money…
  • The Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank have launched a joint research project which studies the possible use of the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies…
  • The Dutch Central Bank to better understand how it works and so they are prepared have created its own cryptocurrency for internal circulation…
  • International Monetary Fund suggests that banks should now consider investing in cryptocurrencies more seriously…
  • Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve has said digital currencies show “long term promise”…
  • Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has said blockchain shows “great promise” …
  • Norway’s largest online-only bank, Skandiabanken recently announced it plans to offer clients the ability to link bank accounts to cryptocurrency holdings…
  • IBM announced it had made a deal with the Digital Trade Chain Consortium – a group of seven European banks that includes Deutsche Bank, HSBC, KBC, Natixis, Rabobank, Societe Generale and Unicredit – to build a digital trade platform that will run on IBM’s cloud…
  • Barclays, Britain’s largest bank, has been discussing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with UK’s primary financial regulator…
  • The Danish Central Bank is considering digitalizing its national currency and planning to issue its own Blockchain-based digital currency called e-krone as its reserve currency…

Even well known Analysts and Investors are making some bold predictions… 

Kay Van-Peterson last year predicted that Bitcoin would break the $2000 mark easily in 2017. That was at the time Bitcoin was trading for around $700 per coin.

Of course, once again he was right as it even surpassed this figure. So what’s he saying now? Well something far more staggering :-

“I think you’ll see Bitcoin reaching $100,000 PER COIN within the next 10 years…”

But he is certainly not the only one. According to Jeremy Liew, the first investor in Snapchat, and Peter Smith, the CEO and cofounder of Blockchain, cryptocurrency isn’t anywhere close to its potential.

In a presentation sent to Business Insider, the duo laid out their case for bitcoin exploding to $500,000 PER COIN by 2030.

Personally, as I think I alluded to before, I am not in to predictions and to be honest there is no way to know how high any Cryptocurrency will rise or how low they will fall either. And of course, it is not simply a matter of leaping in blindly.

I’m just pointing these things out because regardless of the way the market goes:-

We have an unparalled opportunity here to get in fast and make our profits BEFORE most people have even woken up…

However, to do this we must know a few things. You see there’s a RIGHT way of doing this and a WRONG way.

In other words:-

You CAN’T Just Buy Any Coin AndExpect To Make Massive Gains Automatically!

Neither can you simply say to yourself, “ok I’ll put my money in Bitcoin and ride the wave…”. It won’t work like that. The only way to trade this is to understand some KEY POINTS AND RULES which you simply have to follow.

There is a reason why I have made money so quickly trading Cryptocurrencies and a reason why I expect myself and those I teach to make much more over the next 12 months.

Of course, there are NO GUARANTEES. Run a mile from anyone who says differently.

Truth is, despite the spectacular growth and what looks likely to happen…

Despite all the predictions from even respected analysts and billionaire investors…

At the end of the day cryptocurrencies, like every form of trading, be it the Stock Market, Bonds, Options or whatever, is speculative in nature.

However, saying that I didn’t achieve my results with cryptocurrencies or my other Multi-Million Pound fortune by luck. For example, I didn’t just make $300,000 recently on the crypto coin Ethereum while sitting in my hotel suite in Las Vegas by good fortune. There was a specific reason I bought them when I did at the time I did. Something I’ll share with you.

In essence, I achieve my outstanding returns by ‘trading’, NOT ‘gambling’…

I have a plan I stick to and I don’t get swayed by predictions of massive gains or massive falls. I never follow the crowd.

You see , unlike most people out there who would have you believe you simply put money into a crypto and wait for the profits to come rolling in, I’ll show you how to trade or profit properly so you make CONSISTENT and life-changing returns.

Its very important to understand that its not all about booming markets. Even on an overall upward trend, markets will fall periodically. Not that it matters to the way I trade because I make money on a rising or falling market – and that is KEY!

Which is why I would like to stress that you:-

DON’T Buy Or Trade A Single Crypto Coin Until You’ve Heard What I’ve Got To Say And Seen What I’d Like To Show You!

In my time trading I have seen everything, and I can tell you that most people out there right now claiming to have a way for you to become wealthy really do not have a clue.

Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find that unlike myself, they HAVEN’T in fact made any real money, they DON’T have the PROOF … they DON’T have the LIFESTYLE … and they DON’T have a CLEAR-CUT PLAN which works or can be easily copied.

So whatever you decide, take my advice and experience and use it…

For instance, I’ve been studying Cryptocurrencies on the side-lines for a couple of years now, but it wasn’t until last year that I decided to seriously get involved.

In August 2016 I decided to take $50,000 out of my stock trading account and start testing the ideas I’d come across in the cryptocurrency markets.

DON’T WORRY about that $50,000. You certainly won’t need ANYTHING like that. You could start trading and building it up with as little as £200.

I only did this because I have already made a Multi-Million-Pound fortune from trading … in short, it was money I could more than comfortably afford to ‘lose’.

And secondly, I have a vast amount of experience in trading – as I said, I have not lost a single penny and made a profit every year for the last 18 years.

However, something happened in my first 2 months trading cryptos which proved to be a blessing in disguise…

You see I made a classic mistake. I’d gone against what I usually do and instead I’d put into practice what I’d learned from all these so called ‘crypto gurus’. The outcome of which was that in the first couple of months I did a great job of turning that $50,000 into $25,000.

Yes! I lost over 50% of my investment. As I said before, its NOT just a case of putting your money into a digital currency and waiting for a big fat profit at the end as everyone out there it seems would have you believe.

Now I could pretend this didn’t happen, you’d never know unless you studied my private accounts, but as you’ll see, I like to be upfront about everything, warts and all. Who else tells you this

So why was losing 50% of my investment the best thing that could have happened to me?

Because after, I sat down at my laptop, grabbed an expresso, pulled out a pen, opened my notebook and locked myself away for a few hours…

…I realised what was wrong. You see, as I said, I’d originally spent hours researching, listening to ‘experts’ and reading up everything I possibly could about cryptocurrencies. However, I now realised the MAJORITY of it was useless.

Most of what you see written, what you’ve probably received through the post or in your email inbox, what you hear on YouTube videos, Instagram, Facebook or see on various websites etc, are mostly from those that have NEVER truly made money.

In fact, one of the so called ‘cryptocurrency experts’ I spoke to, I was later to find out not only had NEVER made any money trading but was still living at home with his mum (and he was 40) 😊.

So how did I turn what was now $25,000 into a $1,000,000 PROFIT within months?

What turned everything around for me rapidly was when it dawned on me that NOTHING was really that new in the way you traded cryptocurrencies.

I realised that stock trading and financial spread betting – which I have a lot of success in and still make over £1 million year from – had a LOT of similarities with trading cryptos. And a few BIG differences.

In a nutshell, I knew if I could blend what I was already doing into this market I’d have a significant edge over nearly everyone. So I made a few very subtle changes to my trading plan … AND AS EXPECTED, IT WORKED!

The result was I built that $25,000 back up to $100,000 WITHIN 12 WEEKS

Like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces started to fall into place and since then I have been consistently profitable. And obviously within a matter of about 8 months I turned that $25,000 into around US$1.2 MILLION PROFIT!

So please , do use my own experience and be careful who you’re listening to.

DON’T listen to the apparent ‘crypto gurus’ … DON’T listen to the YouTube experts…
DON’T listen to the crypto bloggers … DON’T listen to any of the noise, either positive or negative, surrounding cryptocurrencies.
And DON’T be taken in by their claims of the profits they are making. Most simply can’t prove it. They are just trying to make money ‘teaching’ this but don’t actually do so ‘trading’ themselves.

This is what I think sets me out as COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to everyone else in the UK…

Firstly, I do NOT have a trading company … I do NOT run a training centre … I do NOT have a team around me. I am NOT trying to get you into any extra programme or pass you on to another expert.

With me it is simple. I’ll show you exactly how to make a life-changing income from cryptocurrencies. There’s NO selling you anything extra. NO follow up advanced course or something to try to entice you in to.

Refreshingly, I am simply what I am. A Self-Made Multi-Millionaire trader …

… a guy who is making an average of over $20,000 PROFIT EVERY MONTH from Crytocurrecny trading alone mainly on my mobile … doing it in just 15 MINUTES a day … and who will earn vastly more than this in the next 12 months.

A self-made multi-millionaire trader in other words that teaches others, NOT a teacher that doesn’t actually trade himself.

In short, I am just a single guy who REALLY does live the jet-set lifestyle. Something you are about to find out how to do for yourself. Indeed, I am supremely confident that if you do what I show you how to do, then you will end up making truly life-changing gains.

Sounds exciting Vince, but tell me truthfully, is it too late for Cryptocurrency profits? Has all the ‘easy’ money been made?

Well in a word NO! Not by a long way. Of course, I realise how you must feel and the more you look into it the more confused you become as there is so much conflicting information online.

You’ll hear from those that I’ve pointed out who are confident this has just begun, and from others who will say the Bitcoin and crypto s are a bubble that will eventually crash.

Others say it’s the DOT COM boom and bust all over again (though its very different from this – there are vast differences in fact).

But honestly I don’t care who’s right because if the market crashes (which I doubt it will any time soon) I have my systems in place … as you will … to cash out and to make profits on the downside as well.

Fact is We Can Both Make Money Whether Cryptos Are Rising or Falling …Booming or Crashing!

And unlike most in this area I have traded extremely profitably through plenty of crashes in the past. I have been trading the stock market remember since 1985 and I have been teaching individuals how to trade very successfully since 1997 .

And let me tell you something, very, very interesting about that because it relates to what is happening now…

In 1997 the Dow Jones stood at 6,500 … its now around 22,000 … and I HAVE PERSONALLY MADE MILLIONS OF POUNDS AS A RESULT (all verifiable). Yet during this success there has been a fairly constant stream of naysayers that always predicted that the next market crash was around the corner.

For instance, when I said the Dow Jones would hit 14,200 many laughed at me, they then laughed at me when I said it would hit 18,500 … well I guess I got the last laugh 😊

So how does this relate to what’s happening now? Because the interesting thing is:-

I’m Seeing The EXACT Same Patterns All Over AgainWith These Cryptocurrencies!

All the way through $500, $1000, $2000, $3000 and now $4000 per Bitcoin for example, there have been those calling for a crash … saying the bubble will burst. Yet, as before they keep getting it spectacularly WRONG!

Yes of course we will get corrections and pauses along the way … rises and drops. However, I believe that based on history and my own experience, the cryptocurrency market is just starting and not anywhere near a bubble let alone one about to burst.

What you must understand is that once you know how to make money whether a market is going up, down or seems pretty stagnate, it doesn’t matter when you enter it anyway.

In other words, we DON’T have to be the first in or the first out – there is plenty of money to be made in between …

What many are also missing is that the entire Crypto market is still just a FRACTION of the world currency market or stock market. The growth is still in its early stages.

History would seem to back me up. The one thing I have learned from decades of trading … from the last 18 years in a row without a single losing year … is that when something gets into an uptrend it will go MUCH HIGHER than anyone can ever dream of and it’s pointless trying to bet against the trend.

And if the Chinese’s, Indian and Asian population continue to buy crypto currencies then we are going to see it go a lot, lot higher .


This became really obvious to me during the last 12 months when I spent time in many countries including Malaysia and Indonesia. Here I met individuals that are making a very good living from cryptocurrency trading.

Earning amounts such as $10,000 USD PLUS A MONTH (around £7,500 per month) and they are living like KINGS!

Of course, £7,500 A MONTH in say London is a decent income but I would hardly say you could live like a king. But in say Indonesia where the average monthly wage is just US$500 and where you can rent the most amazingly stunning property with a swimming pool, maid and private chef all for about £1,800 a month, then yes, you can live like a king.

Sounds fantastic Vince, but why were you you willing to fly over here and teach all this to me ?

Well let me put your mind at rest on that score. There was NO ulterior motive why I am willing to teach you this life-changing trading method.


It’s quite straightforward. It’s what I love to do and what I think I am particularly good at. I love helping ordinary people find a better way in life.

Look , and you can check me out if you want, but I could retire right now. I never have to do a day’s work for the rest of my life. Indeed, I have contemplated retirement on many occasions. But I am only 48 years old, and what would I retire to?

A life on the beach? A villa in the sun? To relax and travel the world? Well the problem is, I already do and have all that. Its not a goal, its my everyday life.

So no, retirement isn’t really an option or something I want to consider. However, personally, I have always felt that you have to have more of a purpose in life than just basically being on a permanent holiday. Especially when my trading activities don’t really take me more than 4 hours a week.

You’ll feel the same I’m sure when you get to this position…

Of course, its nice to have the lifestyle and ‘toys’ but at some point you’ll feel like getting your teeth into something else. It may not be teaching others for you, you may want to invest in an International Property Portfolio and manage those. You may want to run a Kayak School in the Canary Islands. But whatever it is, whatever you feel drawn to, you too will want to do something you feel passionate about – and of course, you’ll have the money from trading to fulfil this dream.

For me, its teaching others what I do. Might not be for everyone, but it is my ‘thing’. And I do get more joy out of my student’s success than my own.

For example, when I made that $300,000 sitting in my hotel suite in Las Vegas, naturally I was happy but I was even more pleased for those few individuals I had given the ‘heads up’ to on this who also profited handsomely from the same deal .

After all, by sharing my research … and telling you what to do … unlike other forms of business, it does not affect my own personal profits in any way shape or form. So why not help others?

Besides, I believe I am good at teaching this to others . Especially those that have had previously no clue about trading before they met me. As I stated earlier, I have taken people without any previous financial trading experience, who didn’t even know what financial trading was, taught them my trading secrets … and those same people are now living dream lifestyles as “moneyed-up” financial traders.

And Now its Your Turn Only in The Biggest Opportunity We Will Ever See in Our Lifetime!

So are you ready? Ready to copy me and create a truly life-changing income?

If you are I can definitely help you.

If you can get your OnDemand Private Access Application to me TONIGHT, on my part I will do the following:-

  • I’ll teach you my cryptocurrency trading method and show you how to use it yourself … and to get you off to a very FAST START

…I’ll not just show you my current Crypto trades but:-


  • I’ll take you from where you are now to becoming a profitable crypto trader like myself…
  • I’ll take you from having ZERO KNOWLEDGE and ZERO EXPERIENCE … to making your first cryptocurrency trade within days…
  • And I promise you I am NOT going to go through some complicated university lecture based on the advanced mathematics of Cryptocurrencies or the complexities of Blockchain. It’s all going to be down to earth real information you can learn QUICKLY and more importantly PROFIT from…
  • I’ll go through everything you need to know step-by-step. Everything from setting up a Cryptocurrency account to buying your first coin and keeping your digital coins secure. From the history of the monetary system and why change is inevitable to how to get a Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Debit Card
  • I’ll explain … in a way you will ‘get’ instantly … what Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Litecoins really are and how they work…
  • I’ll show you how to use my crypto trading method to SPOT THE NEXT DIGITAL CURRENCY WINNER … about the cryptocurrencies in other words I believe are set to be the next BIG MOVERS … the Bitcoins and Ethereums of tomorrow if you like…
  • I’ll tell you about one’s you haven’t yet heard of and tell you how to use my method to know when and how to get in and out…
  • I’ll teach you my Crypto Trading Plan with exact instructions so you know HOW and WHEN you should buy…
  • I’ll show you how I do this … I’ll show you how I have done this to make over $1.2 MILLION in the last year without really even trying. I’ll show you why I am supremely confident I will average around $400,000 A MONTH over the next year…
  • Why I am supremely confident that if you do what I show you how to do, then you too will end up making truly life-changing gains
  • I’ll show you how to make money whether the value of cryptocurrencies are on an upward or downward trend…
  • I’ll show you how to put my systems in place to ensure you come up trumps whether this digital market is booming or collapsing…
  • I’ll show you how to do it all in 15 MINUTES A DAY just 2 or 3 times a week direct from your Mobile phone … and how those 15 minutes can be at ANY time, day or night. Whenever suits you best…
  • I’ll show you how to turn even modest stakes into high returns…
  • I’ll show you how you can do this from anywhere in the world you choose to live … how to build your ideal lifestyle around trading…
  • I’ll demonstrate why you DON’T need to spend hours staring at a screen … you DON’T have to study charts … you DON’T have to analyse anything…
  • I’ll show you how to use the POWER OF COMPOUNDING while trading Cyrptocurrencies. Albert Einstein called “the power of compound interest the most powerful force in the universe.” And I think he’s right. I am making fortunes form it.
  • I’ll show you how to use it to take $10,000 for example, to over $1.28 MILLION in 7 very simple steps … indeed, I am certain that there will be those who watch this workshop, be it those who attended on the day or those who watch the live OnDemand version who will achieve results like this. And you can certainly be one of them because when you have massive monthly moves:-


  • I’ll provide you with everything you need to start trading including a FULL WORKBOOK with my Crypto Trading Method enclosed … and the EXACT check sheet I use before investing in any cryptocurrency …

And of course I can do all this because I had the entire workshop professionally filmed live in FULL HIGH DEFINITION

In fact, you can access it in the next few minutes on a private secure website so you can watch it OnDemand on your Laptop, Tablet or Mobile wherever you are, as many times as you want, even when you’re on-the-go.

At home, on a train, in café, in the garden, anywhere, anytime. It will always be ready and accessible for you whenever you need it.

It’ll be like having me as Your Personal Multi-Millionaire Crypto Trading Mentor on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

In Addition…

I will also send you the entire FULL HIGH DEFINITION recording on my CRYPTO USB STICK… 


PLUS, I will also give you a copy of my Crypto Trading Method Workbook and the EXACT check sheet I use before investing in any cryptocurrency.

The same check sheet I used to make over US$1 MILLION in the past 12 months.

The same one I’ll use before EACH trade in the estimated US$5 MILLION I fully expect to make in the coming 12 months.

The bottomline is that…

You Will Have EVERYTHING You Need to Begin Building Your Own Life of Financial Freedom Trading Cryptocurrencies!

You will go from being a complete novice to becoming a Cryptocurrency Trader with a CLEAR PLAN AND METHOD IN YOUR HANDS.

With the knowledge to create FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND THE LIFESTYLE of your choice…

With a copy of my own current crypto trades which you can COPY for yourself…

With a plan which can take you from where you are now to making a great living by trading cryptocurrencies from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD

On a beach in the Caribbean, on the other side of the world in New Zealand, by a marina in Portal Nous as I am doing right now. Anywhere you choose to live or travel to.

In Short, You Will Not Be Left Scratching Your Head Wondering What To Do Next!

And if all that wasn’t enough I have TWO EXTRA SURPRISES for you…

FIRSTLY, I’ll include a PERSONAL EXTRA BONUS SESSION I recorded on the day live for you.

Now whilst the day was obviously focused on Cryptocurrencies and how to trade them for life-changing profits using my method, I also demonstrated something which has made me :-

100% to 200% Gains in Less Than 4 Days!

It involves something which, like Cryptocurrencies, move extremely quickly. I’ll show you how to get in … profit … and get out while most people are still sleeping. It’s an additional skill which takes hardly any more of your time yet can provide you with an EXTRA INCOME to your Crypto trading activities.

And SECONDLY, if all that wasn’t enough … because I want to give you the best experience humanely possible … not only did I put everything into this myself but I have even arranged for:-

You To Experience 3 EXTRA Live Crypto-Currency Trading For Profit Sessions!

Three bonus sessions which not just confirms everything I’ve said, but will give you the chance to hear from some leading REAL WORLD EXPERTS!

NOT individuals spreading fake news … NOT self-made crypto ‘gurus’ who don’t really make any money trading. But GENUINE experts in this field.

Dominic Frisby – Bitcoin: the Future of Money

Dominic is MoneyWeek’s commentator on gold and commodities, and is a private investor. But what will be of even greater interest to you is that he also happens to be the author of the books Bitcoin: The Future of Money? and Life After The State.

“Now it seems that Bitcoin will do to banking and finance what email did to the postal service and what the internet did to publishing: destroy old monopolies and create opportunities for the masses…”

He also co-wrote the documentary Four Horsemen, and presents the weekly Virgin Podcast.

As well as being a financial writer, Dominic is – oddly –also a comedian and has performed at the Edinburgh Festival. So I guess you could say in some ways he is laughing all the way to the bank (yes, I know bad joke, sorry 😊.

I mention this because it highlights one big advantage of listening to someone like Dom and that is that though he knows a great deal about crypto currencies he has an ability to put everything across in not just a very clear understandable way, but is a very passionate and engaging individual.

Thomas Lee CFA – Pioneering Crypto Research…

I have followed Tom’s work for many years at JP Morgan and he is now at the Forefront of Crypto-Currency Research and has some pioneering models on pricing and research you really want to be aware of.

Thomas Lee is a Managing Partner and the Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors.

He is an accomplished Wall Street strategist with over 25 years of experience in equity research, and has been TOP RANKED by Institutional Investor EVERY YEAR SINCE 1998. That’s almost 20 years on the spin and you don’t do that unless you are very, very good at what you do.

John McAfee …USA’s Largest Crypto-Miner..

John is a pioneer and industry veteran in cybersecurity and sold McAfee software to Intel. He now leads MGTI which is focused on cybersecurity and MINING BITCOINS and ETHEREUM.

John has designed a new product SENTINEL which is an anti-hacking product and working on a new Privacy Phone.

The company is CURRENTLY THE LARGEST CRYPTO MINER IN THE USA using low cost Hydro Electricity in Washington state.

He shared his views on cryptos, internet security and where he believes we are heading. You honestly don’t want to miss this.

As you can see I really went out of my way to make sure you have everything stacked in your favour.

I want to give you all the advantages. To make sure you can be in the best possible position to profit from cryptocurrencies from day one.

OK Vince, all sounds great … what do I need to do now ?

To apply I’ve made it simple and straightforward. So the first thing to say, in case you’re wondering, YES there is a OnDemand training fee to teach you this personally and copy my exact crypto trading method.

I’d have loved to do it free but that just doesn’t work for me or you. Firstly, I had my own costs of hiring a venue, flying in myself and flying in other crypto experts from the USA, hiring a professional broadcasting and sound crew, for all the written material, for the website development for the OnDemand videos, for the crypto method workbook etc.

And to be perfectly frank, if I am going to go out of my way to do this and spend a lot of time helping these people become successful, I really ONLY want people that are serious about trading cryptocurrencies … those who’ll follow through with what I am going to teach them. Otherwise I may as well stay pretty much where I am, and that’s by the beach.

As for you, a financial commitment will ensure you LISTEN, LEARN and TAKE ACTION.

It really is best for you. Most people who get things for free I can tell you will do NOTHING and leave it all on the shelf. So yes there is a one-off training fee but you have to look at it as an investment in your future, a commitment on your part to change your life and actually become a real life crypto trader, not simply a dreamer.

So here’s what I’ll do for you …

And I think you’ll not just be happy with this but that you’ll find it very fair…

What I have learnt has taken me hundreds of hours of trial and error. In fact, I believe the information I’m about to teach and pass on to you is worth at the very least:-


Now , please understand that this is NOT some random figure I have just plucked out of the air. For a start, the kind of life-changing possibilities this opportunity offers is certainly worth a lot more than that.

In fact, I bet somehow you’d find £18,500 if you could go back to the beginning of the year knowing what you do now with my success trading the crypto-coin Ethereum for example. Which if you recall rose by 3,000%. Because if you did know you’d be more than happy to invest that £18,500 into Ethereum as the returns on that kind of money by now would have set you and your family up for life. My point is, the fee is all relative to the information and training received.

However, the main reason I consider it to be at least worth £18,500 is because that is roughly what it cost me to perfect my Crypto Trading Method. If you recall it essentially cost me $25,000 of my own money in the first 3 months (which at today’s exchange rate is around £18,500).

But of course, though this is what it cost me (my own ‘training’ fee I guess) … and though the potential profits to be made in Crypto trading have the opportunity to grow faster and higher than anything I’ve seen in my life … I realise £18,500 for most people is just way, way out of the question.

So I have priced this training and my system at a much more reasonable:-


Not cheap I understand – though I do have a better option for you I’ll tell you about in a moment.

So no at £4,997+vat it wouldn’t be cheap I know, but it is worth that I promise you. In fact, if you wanted to spend months and months researching this enormous field from scratch yourself and then begin testing your own methods out…

If you wanted to then to ‘hire’ out a trader who had created a Multi-Million Pound Fortune and was doing so again with Cryptocurrencies…

Someone with an impeccable record, honest, straight, credible and with the LIFESTYLE and PROOF to back up everything he says (even if you could find such a trader to agree to this which is highly doubtful)…

If you wanted to see this Multi-Millionaire Trader’s actual Crypto trades and was allowed to copy them…

If you were to hear first-hand from 3 of the most clued up individuals about this new digital world we are about to enter and the likely direction its going which would give you a real edge…

Then I honestly think you’d find it would cost you a LOT more and that you would consider £4,997+vat inexpensive in comparison.



Rather than having to ‘invest’ £4,997+vat now, I’ll do everything I’ve said:-

FOR JUST £1,997+vat

In fact, in some ways even better because you have:-

ZERO travelling costs…

ZERO Accommodation costs…

ZERO Restaurant costs…

Yet you still get my entire Personal Live Training as if you wee sitting in a VIP seat right in front of me.  Actually, you literally get the best seat in the room.


My Crypto Method Trading Plan

My Cryptocurrency Trading Checklist

Copy of My Current CrytoTrades

The Extra Bonus Session

The 3 Extra Live Cryptourrency Trading for Profit Sessions

The OnDemand Video footage

The Entire Footage and System on a USB

The Crypto Trading Workbook and ALL the materials from the day. The LOT!

I’ll do ALL this for just this initial £1,997 +vat. The balance of £3,000+vat (i.e. £4,997+vat – £1,997+vat) you ONLY have to send to me once you have made at least a £50,000 clear profit. Fair enough?

You Can Even Pay Me This Balance Off in Cryptos If You Want !

And I am happy to do this on a gentlemen’s agreement. In other words, I am doing this on trust.

So just to be clear it’s a ONE-OFF fee of £1,997+vat now…

…and nothing else until you have at least made a £50,000 profit from the Crypto market at which time you will agree to pay me the remaining £3,000 in traditional money or in a cryptocurrency.

And that’s it – NOT A SINGLE PENNY MORE!

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll find me very different so there are NO upsells unlike most events that every single person I know running trading seminars do.

By contrast, I do NOT have a trading company … I do NOT run a training centre … I do NOT have a team around me. I am NOT trying to get you into any extra programme or pass you on to another expert. NO follow up advanced course or something more expensive to try to entice you in to.

With me it is simple. I’ll show you exactly how to make a life-changing income from cryptocurrencies.

And that’s it – there’s NO selling you anything else on top of this.

But if you’re still not sure, to put your mind completely at rest I am even going to give you a :-


I know when you receive my training you will not just be very excited but you will be delighted.

However, of course I realise you may be unsure or even sceptical, so I would like to give you some peace of mind which I think you’ll appreciate. So here is what I’ll do for you:-

I am so confident that by following what I will teach you about Crypto trading, you can make at least the £1,997+vat back that:-


Test it out for a full 12 months, do exactly as I say and if in that 12 months you have not made at least this £1,997+vat back using the specific techniques I’ll teach you :-


Furthermore, even if you do this you can still KEEP ALL MATERIALS including the Cryptocurrency Trading Workbook, USB video footage, lifetime access to the OnDemand Footage – EVERYTHING! 

So now it’s over to you … this is it …

The moment you decide to either remain as you are or follow me in what I believe to be the greatest opportunity in living memory…

And to begin that journey, all you need to do is


But please DO NOT HESITATE because this is a:-


Look, cards on the table, sooner or later this market will mature and become part of the mainstream. We just haven’t got time for that. We need to grab this opportunity now while most people are asleep to the massive moves taking place and to the seismic shift occurring in the financial world.

Do not be that person who looks back and regrets not having seized the moment they were given…

Of course, you may be sceptical I understand that. You may be cautious by nature. Well yes, sometimes its good to hold back. Not to be rash. But then again, sometimes it most definitely is not. This is one of those times when it is not.

However, if you are unsure for whatever reason, well in this particular case I am reminded of the words of Sir Richard Branson which I’d encourage you to take onboard:-

You’ve already seen what has happened with cryptocurrencies in just 7 short years. You’ve seen how $25 of Bitcoins just 7 years ago WOULD NOW BE WORTH A TRULY STAGERRING $40.4 MILLION!

You’ve seen how, if you had just followed me … just COPIED what I did with Ethereum earlier this year where I made US$300,000 while sitting in my hotel suite in Las Vegas … you would have made a small fortune from it.

You’ve seen that this is just ONE of the many cryptocurrencies experiencing unprecedented moves.

So just image what could happen in the next 12 months … what is going to happen beyond this. In the next 3, 5 or 7 years. Remember I fully expect to make US$5 MILLION from this in the next year alone. That is an average of around:-

US$416,000 A MONTH!

I know it sounds crazy money, but it’s a crazy world at the moment and a vastly changing world at a rate never seen in history.

The time for you to act is now, or you will get left behind and it will be too late for you…

As you are aware I have been trading a long time, not had a single losing years for 18 years in a row, have made a multi-million pound fortune and enjoy the jet-set lifestyle which has come with it. I thought I’d seen and done it all.

However, I have absolutely NEVER seen anything or experienced the rate of returns like this. The returns can be truly life-changing. As I said right at the start, I doubt there will be anything in our lifetime that will match the money being made in cryptocurrencies. I believe this is the last chance for the ‘little guy’ to become genuinely rich and free.


I even showed you how if you had the right information – the right trading knowledge – you could have simply invested in several cryptocurrencies and just FORGOT about them. How even if you had done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, they would have produced spectacular returns for you. Now trading just doesn’t get any easier than that.

Which is why, hand on heart, I truly believe this can be your opportunity to create your ideal lifestyle…

A chance to create an income source which really will be life-changing:-

  • Pay off your mortgage …
  • Buy a dream home – perhaps move into a luxury 5-bedroom house with swimming pool and tennis courts…
  • Buy homes in multiple countries…
  • Live and travel first class as many times as you want every year…
  • Buy the dream cars you have always wanted…
  • Fund your retirement so you will never have to worry about first rate medical care…

All the above can be a reality for you and you can pay for them in Cryptos that cost you a fraction of the value you invest.

In short, this is your opportunity to create your ideal lifestyle … one you will feel passionate about and excited about from the moment you wake up in the morning.

Where each day, this could be your ‘office’ view as it is for me (or wherever you most would like to live):-

Where you have REAL FREEDOM. The freedom to decide what YOU want to do with your day…

You may for example choose to stroll out of your villa bought from your crypto profits, go a beach cafe, relax into a comfy chair, sip your coffee and “take care” of your crypto trading ‘business’ on your mobile in less time than it takes to finish your drink.

Then you can sit back, stretch out, read the newspaper at your leisure leaving the rest of the time is yours to do as you please.

TravelRelax by the PoolRead Shop Walk along the … Play TennisPlay Golf … go to the Gym … take a leisurely Drive around the coast … go Sailing … or simply finish your coffee just watching the world go by…

It’s not a dream, it’s actually pretty much my everyday life and today:-

You have the opportunity to copy what I do…

I am PROOF that an ordinary person can become wealthy from trading, I’m doing it every day. Remember, I am not some whiz kid. I am just a regular guy.

Where else can you can make your living in just 15 MINUTES A DAY earning a large stress-free income using just a Laptop, Tablet or your Mobile.

But of course, you can’t just simply jump in blind – you need someone to guide you. Someone who is actually making money trading. Someone who has the lifestyle from doing so. Someone who really knows what they are doing and is good at teaching it even to individuals who have ZERO EXPERIENCE OR KNOWLEDGE.

Someone who can show you how it is possible to create a life-changing income. I can be that guide for you. So:-


But DON’T DELAY A SECOND more because every second you do, you really are losing out and falling even more behind.

Which just leaves me to say a big:-


Thank you for your time and I really look forward to opening you up to the single biggest opportunity in living memory.

Yours warmly

Vince Stanzione

P.S. I doubt there will be anything in our lifetime that will match the money that is being made in cryptocurrencies. PLEASE DO NOT MISS OUT – OTHER WISE YOU WILL FOREVER REGRET IT!

P.S. Remember, you are completely protected by my FULL REFUND GUARANTEE!


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Private Invitation - Vince Stanzione Crypto-Currency Training Day
Private Invitation. I Doubt There Will Be Anything In Our Lifetime That Will Match The Money Being Made With Crypto-Currencies...Vince Stanzione
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